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  This Weeks Happenings for February 22, 2020

Good Afternoon Congregational Church of Union, UCC,

The scripture reading for Sunday is from the gospel of Matthew 17:1-9, and the sermon is entitled; "Transfiguration ".

Ash Wednesday Services will be held on February 26th, and the scripture reading will be Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21, and the sermon is entitled "What We Do In Secret."  Ashes will be given out.  It is a good way to start the Lenten Season.  All are welcome!

The pastor is back to work!  After being out of work for two months, I am finally back into the work force again.  I find I am tired, but glad to be back in the work force again.  Thank you for all your prayers and well wishes.  I appreciate them all.

The church has a card ministry!  We have a box of cards in the back of the sanctuary...birthday cards, get well cards, thinking of you cards, and blank cards.  There are other subjects too.  If you think it would be nice for someone to receive a card from the church for a special event, or if someone is in the hospital, please let Rev. Tim or one of the Deacons know.  If you know the address, even better!  But we can find it, I'm sure.  It will be a good way for the church to celebrate special times in the lives of their community.

After church last Sunday, the church had their Annual Meeting.  First, the church had a pot luck lunch, and was able to fellowship before we got down to business.  The Annual Meeting was run very efficiently by Bonnie Scanlan, who managed to get us through all our business in what I considered the fastest Annual Meeting I ever attended!  Thank you Bonnie.  One of the highlights of the meeting was that Rev. Tim will be moving back to his house in Manchester, in order to be closer to medical doctors.  Due to this change, the parsonage will be empty, and the church decided to form a committee to look at the possibilities of either keeping the parsonage, and renting it out, or selling the parsonage.    

The church met after the service last week to discuss the fair.  We have a quilt picked Amish quilt that is all hand sewn.
The lady who Rev. Tim got it from paid $1,200 for it, so we know it is a well made product.  The kitchen staff are all on board again for next year, and John wanted to let the church know that they paid for all the food, and did it for free!  Advertising went well except for radio stations, so we will make a list of them, and get out a press release to them before the fair.  TV stations will be included too.  The cookie booth and auction areas went well, and will continue as such.  The kids craft area needs more help, and Rev. Tim's granddaughter should be able to help next year, which will be a great help with the crafts.  The tombola sold out of everything, and we will have to start over with getting prizes for next year's Tombola Game.  All in all, we think we can do well
again for this coming year. 

For the months of January and February, the church will collect cereals for the soup kitchen.  This will include breakfast cereal,
oatmeal, boxes, and the bags of generic cereal sold at the grocery store.  Thank you again for your help with this important ministry

Just to keep you updated on when events are happening;   Ash Wednesday is February 26th, First Sunday in Lent is March 1st,
Maundy Thursday is April 9th, Good Friday is April 10th (no services), and Easter Sunday is April 12th.  Intentions for lilies and Easter flowers will be forthcoming, and a list for readers for the Maundy Thursday Service will also be coming in the future.

That's all for now.  If you have anything for the Happenings page, please call or email the pastor with the news, and I will get the article in the next week's Happening's page. 

Peace and Blessings,
Rev. Tim