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  This Weeks Happenings for November 2, 2018

Rev. Timothy Gilbert

Good Morning Congregational Church of Union, UCC,

I ask for your continued prayers this week for so much that is going on in our country.  The South continues to deal with all destruction from the hurricane, the rains, and the billions that it will take to rebuild.  People are without power, food, shelter, and the most basic of needs.  Our country also grieves after the shooting at the synagogue that killed 11 people this past week in Pittsburg.  This senseless shooting has affected so many people, and it has also shown the strength of the human spirit, as synagogues, churches, mosques, and others around the world join together to denounce this senseless crime, and join together to say that love always wins against evil.  Each week we pray for world peace in church.  Let us pray for world peace each and every day.  Let that be a prayer said loud and clear, until the day when there will be war no more, and we will have our true and everlasting peace, in the Prince of Peace.  Thank you for joining me in prayer.
Three people lost their jobs on Monday at my place of employment.  Three people, like myself, lost their positions, and were moved into positions that, unlike myself, they did not like at all.  One went from covering our office in East Hartford to covering the entire state of Connecticut!  One other person found herself in the same position, covering the entire state.  In response, two nurses gave their notice.  Changes continue to take place at record speed, and the chaplains meet weekly to remind ourselves that with all this going on, our focus cannot be all this going on.  It must be our patients!!!!  They need our complete attention, care, compassion, and time when we are with them.  We must also be a support to the staff who are reeling from all the changes, watching their co-workers' positions being eliminated.  Then we can be a support to each other.  We have a plan.  We can do this.  God will help us through this time of trial and tribulation, and we will come through stronger than ever.  Prayers, support, and trust in God.  Last week, I felt very scattered.  I now feel more centered, prayerful, and able to care for the patients and each other.  God has great power to bring peace and grace to times of turmoil.

In the midst of this is Halloween.  Office staff dressed up in costumes, my desk holds the biggest basket of chocolate, the bulletin boards were decorated with leaves, Fall colors, and the symbols of the season.  I have kept the chocolate basket full for two months because when there is stress in the office, the office staff comes looking for chocolate.  I have never seen so much chocolate be consumed in the past two months as I have in this office.  I have easily spent $3-$400.00 on candy!  But it is not the candy.  The staff stops by to say hello and get chocolate.  Then they begin to talk about what is on their mind, and before you know it, I am providing support and candy, and the staff goes away feeling better!  They look forward to the basket being full of candy, and when it starts getting low, they get worried.  I have to do my part and get to the store quickly to stock up.  Thank goodness Halloween candy goes on sale today!!!!

The scripture reading for Sunday is Mark 12: 28-34.  The sermon is entitled " What Is The First?  What Is The Greatest?"

December 9th, the Sunday School will be having their pageant.  Last year was the first year we had the pageant during the service, and it went over very well.  So we will continue this event, and look forward to it with anticipation.

Remember that our Christmas Eve service will be at 7:30PM.  We will be having pointset memorials as we get closer to that date.  More to come

That's all I have for now.  Until we meet again, God's blessings upon all of you.
Rev. Tim